Naturally Healthy
Restore your natural balance with alkalife naturally alkaline mineral water.
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Naturally Alkaline
While many waters are made alkaline artificially, alkalife is naturally alkaline and bottled at its source in Australia's Blue Mountains
Naturally Rich In Minerals
alkalife contains electrolytes from the limestone and quartz rocks of its source that replenish your body from the inside out.
Award Winning Taste
The International Taste Institute awarded alkalife three out of three stars for Superior Taste. 135 international chefs and sommeliers agree that alkalife is one of the world's best tasting waters
Real Benefits
Since 2002, alkalife drinkers have told us they have experienced numerous health benefits including reduced reflux, indigestion and gout.Learn more.

Created by nature,
not in a factory

alkalife is bottled at the source in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales, Australia surrounded by protected national parks. It is naturally filtered by limestone and quartz rocks deep underground. These rocks give alkalife the minerals that create a naturally alkaline and superior water.

Alkaline water brands with a pH level of 9-10 tend to be artificially processed to increase its alkalinity.
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Why natural alkaline water?

Restore your natural balance
Unfortunately, most of what we eat and drink is unhealthy.alkalife helps restore your natural pH balance by reinvigorating your body with alkaline electrolytes
Recover faster after exercise
The rich bicarbonate found in alkalife neutralises lactic acid after workouts helping you recover faster
Improve energy levels
Alkaline water is higher in oxygen than regular drinking water which improves energy levels and overall wellbeing
Reduce acid-reflux
Evidence shows that naturally occurring bicarbonate in alkaline water inactivates pepsin and reduces incidents of acid-reflux
Increase your antioxidants
Alkaline water is a rich source of antioxidants that can neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals in your body

Sydney Roosters
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What people are saying about alkalife

As a father of four children and general practitioner with 20 years experience and interest in anti-ageing/preventative health I have personally seen the health benefits of alkalinisation of diet on myself, my family and my many patients. alkalife supports an alkaline diet and the fact that it is sourced naturally here in Australia and tastes delicious are three reasons why it deserves to be the leading "healthy water" product in the world. I kind of hope it doesn't happen too quickly...I might not be able to get my supply!

Dr Jeremy Cumpston
Ageless Clinics

As Sports Scientist for the Sydney Roosters, I need to ensure our players are healthy and ready to perform at their best every week. We’ve been ordering alkalife Natural Alkaline Water for our players this year because it's a vital part of optimising our performance and recovery. The natural bicarbonate and alkalinity in alkalife can help neutralise the acidity that is built up during exercise, allowing our players to recover quicker and reduce feelings of fatigue. Our players love the taste of alkalife Natural Alkaline Water and believe in its benefits. We can't recommend it highly enough for active individuals or general wellbeing.

Kris Veugelers
Sydney Roosters │ Sports Scientist

I have been suffering with eczema since childhood. The only relief I could get was steroidal. I tried everything I could to get rid of it, including reiki, counselling, colonic irrigation and chinese herbs. After two months, I found great relief and shortly after began to 'step down' from the steroids which I have never needed to take again. That was about six months ago and now I can honestly say "eczema? what eczema?". As an added boost, my fingernails are the strongest they've been since my 20s. Thank you so much, I am forever grateful.

Monique P.


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